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Portable and flexible index arm MCA II from NIKON

The application of the flexible and wireless index arm MCA II from NIKON - an exact, reliable and portable measuring system with a seven axis configuration - enables the digital on-site recording of valves for industrial and power plants as well as oil and gas pipelines.

In addition to the possibility that numerous scanning devices, as e.g. laser scanner and switching or continuous scanner can be adapted, the flexible index arm can be tested on-site via traceable NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standards of calibration. Furthermore the automatic identification of scanning device enables an uncomplicated change of scanning device.

General Data:

Operating temperature range:         0 to 46 C
Humidity:                                            5 to 95 % (non-condensing)
Vibration (55 to 2.000 Hz):               < 100 ms/s²
Power supply:                                     110 bis 240 V
Certification:                                       CE conform

            model                     measuring                    single-spot                      volumetric                       weight of
                                                range                          exactness                       exactness                       index arm              
            MCA II                        2,8 m                          0,045 mm                      0,064 mm                           8,3 kg